Grab Your Friends - Matador Is a Hit.

Matador Lounge is a must-add to your reno bar crawl or private event venue list. We’re in the business of making damn good drinks and providing a backdrop for you to socialize, frame up Instagramable moments, and listen to talented live musicians. But don’t take our word for it, check out what our bar-goers have to say:

On the Ground Level

Walk into Matador and you’ll be greeted by a chic, warm bar area with plenty of seating for you and your group. It might make you say things like:

Only experienced the downstairs/inside bar, but it has a fantastic vibe. The drinks were amazing and our bartender Dennis was a blast. I highly recommend this place.”

The owner is so kind, and the environment is great. 10/10 recommend.”

Gorgeous, multi-level bar with fabulous cocktails. This is a perfect bar for date-night or girls' night out."

Mirador – Our Rooftop Bar

Our rooftop bar is what sets us apart from many of the lounges in Reno, NV. Here’s what folks have to say:

The fully stocked bar upstairs is awesome. The Owner, Dennis, has done a fantastic job with all the details you just don't see in Reno. From the lighting to the music to the wonderful atmosphere.”

The rooftop is the most elegant spot in Reno.”

Love the rooftop bar so much, great atmosphere and sunset views.”

*Please note: the rooftop bar is closed to the general public during these chilly months, but our fire pits up there are available to be gathered around upon reservation. Ring up your friends, then give us a shout!

matador rooftop bar

The Music

Whether playing upstairs or downstairs (and sometimes simultaneously), we love inviting DJs, bands, and soloists from all genres to grace your ears and bring the vibe full circle. Listeners had experiences like:

The live shows and DJ's that play here are excellent. The sound, lighting, and cozy venue are one of a kind in the area!!!”

So much fun! Swing Dance and Concert!”

We went to see Lincoln Skinz play here. Great little venue, small stocked bar and friendly staff.”

And Most Importantly...The Drinks!

Our drink menu follows the philosophy of quality over quantity, but don’t worry, we’ll have a libation you’ll love. Those who have tried our hand-crafted drinks have left kind words a-plenty:

Dennis makes a great marg. Smaller selection but quality. The place to go when you're in Reno for work.”

The drinks were amazing and our bartender Dennis was a blast. I highly recommend this place.”

The bartenders get a feel of what you like and make it just for you! They have all different kinds of great tequila and ones I've never seen before!”

Visit a Bar Reno Locals Are Loving

We’re stoked at the positive feedback our patrons have left after visiting Matador. As with any bar, there are some people who will yuck our yum. That’s totally ok - we’re one of several bars in Reno NV just trying to carve out a slice in the awesome city we call home. Thankfully, our slice has great views, great vibes, and great patrons. Care to join us for your next drink? Come on by.